About Me

Hi! I’m Jennifer Ebe, your friendly neighbourhood Data Engineer, crafting data magic from the comfort of my digital workshop in Barcelona, Spain. I specialize in transforming complex datasets into structured, easily accessible warehouses that drive strategic decision-making and actionable insights with a sprinkle of creativity. Currently weaving data spells at the Wikimedia Foundation, I’m on a mission to make data useful and surprisingly fun!

Armed with technical skills and advanced tools such as Python, SQL, Apache Airflow, and Apache Spark, I architect data warehousing systems that are not only scalable but also resilient against the evolving demands of digital enterprises. These systems aren’t just robust but virtually indestructible. My career is a tapestry of technical prowess and innovative problem-solving, where every line of code is part of a bigger picture to drive smarter decisions.

I’m not just about numbers and codes. As a seasoned communicator and a bit of a data whisperer, I lead teams to the finish line, ensuring we’re not just meeting deadlines but crushing them with a smile. Whether it’s untangling data puzzles or leading high-stakes projects, I bring a touch of light-hearted rigour to the mix.

Are you curious about the stories hidden in your data? Let’s connect and unlock the secrets together. I do my best to make data less daunting and more delightful.